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In early 2020 Aaron began thinking about how to leave some of the stories he was telling about his amazing Classroom Therapy dogs Bella and Choco with the students he was working with. He came up with the concept of a children's book about the two adventurous dogs who visited the classroom with him. The first book, Being YOU-Neek, was written during the 2020 Pandemic. It became the first book in The Adventures of Bella and Choco series that help children learn about charter traits and a variety of important life lessons. The second book is entitled, The Boat, and is about inclusion and how we all belong on this great plant we call Mother Earth. A companion color book is available as well so kids can color in all the animal found in The Boat.


Tragically, Bella and Choco were hit and killed by a car Thanksgiving week 2022. Their stories and books continue to inspire and delight students and families across the country. 


The 3rd book will come out in the fall of 2023 and is an Alphabet book highlighting local business here in Wichita. Artist and Illustrator, Richard Crowson will help bring all of these stories to life with his whimsical cartoon style.

Following the tragic loss of Bella and Choco, Aaron is writing a fourth book using the characters of Bella and Choco to talk about grief and loss. We all experience these feelings and it's important to know they are OK to feel and give students (and adults) was to process both the big as well as the small losses we experience in life. The book will come out in 2024 and will once again include the magical watercolors of Peter Mader.

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