About the Artists...

Born a city-boy in Kansas, it is the Kansas landscape and the working people that inspire me. Farmer, teacher, nurse, factory worker, urban and rural families all making this State great.  Whether it is an early morning sunrise over the flint hills, a star stretched night sky in western Kansas, or a lively evening in the heart of the city, this state reverberates in my soul and I see and feel the same things all across the great country.


I am a native Kansan who grew up in Topeka and moved to Wichita to attend Friends University. There I received a degree in Music Education and then went to Wichita State and received a Masters in Music Education (Conducting). I taught in the Wichita district for 11 years before setting out as a full-time musician in 1995.


I am a member of the Kansas Arts on Tour Roster with the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission (formerly the Kansas Arts Commission). I am a founding artist with Arts Partners Wichita where I have been a roster artist since 1995. I am also a Wolf Trap Master Teaching Artist with Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning through the Arts, a Nationally Credentialed Teaching Artist with Young Audiences, and a teaching artist with Kansas Wolf Trap and Baby ArtsPlay.  


I am a proud member of AFM Local 1000 and serve on the Ex. Board as U. S. Vice President.

Aaron Fowler

Mr. Choco and Ms. Bella

2020-02-12 16.11.47.jpg

Bella is a 6 year old Yellow Lab. She was born on the Siess Ranch in Seneca, KS. They are a wonderful breeder known for terrific dogs. She is from a strong stock of hunting dogs but little did she know her life would be spent in a different kind of field. Although the first day I brought her home she froze in the back yard and pointed a bird 15 yards away. How they know what to do is beyond me! 

Choco is a 3 year old Chocolate Lab born right around the corner from our house here in Wichita, KS. Choco is the most chilled lab ever. He loves being the adventure partner of Bella. Together they are a great pair, in the classroom or out on the trail.

Both dogs have their Therapy Dog International certification as well as being certified as a Professional Therapy Dog in the state of Kansas.